Whether you or your loved one needs short term rehabilitation or long-term care, Twin Lakes has you covered. Our dedicated interdisciplinary team of medical professionals and staff work to ensure that patients receive the optimal care post-surgery, injury or illness. Residents who require long-term support and services will find a cozy environment and a wide variety of activities to stay engaged with a dedication to health and wellness.

Sub-Acute Medical
and Ventilator Care Unit

The Lodge at Twin Lakes,
Short Term Rehabilitation

Wound Care
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Short-Term Rehabilitation

The Lodge at Twin Lakes is clinically designed to serve short-term rehabilitation patients coming from hospitals and medical centers for transitional care or specialized treatment before returning home. Our interdisciplinary team coordinates care every step of the way so patients get the focused, specialized, individual attention they need to improve health outcomes and avoid returning to the hospital.

We can have a liaison meet with you bedside before your stay with us and help to coordinate care between the medical facility and our center ensuring appropriate interventions are in place day one. An individualized plan of care tailored specifically to your needs will be put together with input from your therapy team, nursing and other members of the interdisciplinary team. To get you home as safely as possible, we will start working on discharge planning with you at the beginning of your stay and we will follow up with you after you leave. Our goal is to bridge the gap in getting you home with the support you need to reduce time spent in the hospital.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Wound Care
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Long-Term Care

Twin Lakes cares. Our top-notch medical professionals work alongside compassionate staff to provide everything residents need for a safe, comfortable stay. Our Team is trained to care for residents that require supportive services or around-the-clock skilled nursing care for clinically complex or chronic medical conditions. At Twin Lakes, we work to provide the highest level of care to the individuals who rely on us for their daily living needs, while providing comfort and peace of mind to the families who entrust us with their loved one’s care.


Sub-Acute Respiratory Care

Our therapy team is prepared to adapt physical, occupational and speech therapies in addition to your respiratory needs.

In addition to trach and ventilator needs, we also service those with high flow oxygen, BiPAP or CPAP needs. With in wall oxygen, we can accommodate a need higher than what most concentrators can provide. Our team of respiratory therapists will monitor each patient and work in conjunction with your physician or our Pulmonologist to create an individualized plan of care.