Our Team

Our success as a company --- and your quality care --- depends on the strength of our team, many of whom have been here for nearly 20 years. We work closely with our employees to build an innovative, creative and rewarding work environment, where customer service and quality care are always our top priorities. During your time here, you are not just part of our community; you are part of our family.

Steven F. Rech


Steve Rech is a seasoned Administrator and brings many years of experience to our team of compassionate caregivers.

Steve is known to practice the style of management that brings him in direct contact with our families and residents, who greatly appreciate his direct involvement and interaction in their care and quality of life at Twin Lakes.

As part of his rich and deep experience as a nursing home administrator, Steve has been involved in every aspect of care delivery, including the development of strategies and initiatives designed to assure compliance with all healthcare regulations and safety  guidelines.

Under Steve's guidance and direction, Twin Lakes has become the envy of the healthcare community and the standard by which others measure themselves.

Your Admissions Team

We know that making this transition can be scary and overwhelming, and that’s exactly why we have a team in place to guide you through the process. From you or your loved one’s hospital room to inhouse support, Twin Lakes works to ensure that you are comfortable with the next steps. Trust one of our skilled liaisons to meet with you and your family bed side to explain the process and be a guide and resource for you. We also offer and encourage tours to give you a first hand look at the services we provide.

Offering a dedicated short-term rehabilitation unit, a sub-acute medical unit, and a long-term care unit, we will guide you in determining the best fit for you or your loved one.